Liberal Demokratic Party of Afghanistan
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The FDPA has been founded in order to build up a free and independent Afghanistan. The FDPA is an association of Afghans who love their home country and wish Afghanistan and the Afghan people to be again accepted in the family of peoples as a free and democratic country. In our party, all Afghan citizens are represented and have equal rights. The FDPA is not under an obligation to any ideology. It stands for a free and democratic basis order. The FDPA supports a social market economy and demands to solve any problems in a rational and objective manner and to leave out of consideration all ideologies.
The FDPA strictly declines any extremism, no matter from which side, as well as the use of violence for carrying through political objectives. The FDPA sees itself as a modern alternative to the tribes, religious groups or groups related to a people in Afghanistan, who have sufficiently proven their incompetence in dealing with the problems to be faced and are obviously neither willing to make a restoration nor capable of doing so. All population and religious groups, whether man or woman, whether Afghan or not, who are at least 18 years old, are cordially invited to cooperate. The FDPA thanks the USA, Europe and the UNO for the liberation of Afghanistan from its tyrants. The FDPA strives for running in the first free election in Afghanistan.




Objectives of the FDPA

· Our Party creates freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the highest security level in Afghanistan
· We wish that all Afghans become one and cooperate in building up a democratic Afghanistan
· We want to drastically reduce the unemployment in Afghanistan
· We want to withdraw the ground for violence and criminality by means of work, prosperity and education
· We want the modernisation of Afghanistan as soon as possible (new infrastructure, new towns, new   industrial plants)
· Our party wants to restore our old cultures as soon as possible
· Our party will put an emphasis on our culture (museums, new media, cinema, music)
· We will support a new, equal system of nursery schools, schools and universities
· We have to very strongly support our youth at school and in their development, for our party knows that   ignorance is the   greatest enemy on earth
· Afghanistan needs playgrounds, parcs and leisure facilities
· We want to restore the health system in Afghanistan and make it the most modern one in the Eastern   world
· We want to collect all arms, for in a peaceful Afghanistan an arbitrary law must no longer exist
· We will stand up for the new construction of lodgings and houses
· We will also take care of sports and the pertaining sports facilities in order to be able to appear again   internationally
· We want to support our agriculture and introduce new modern cultivation techniques
· Our party wants the mines contaminating Afghanistan to be removed as soon as possible
· Our party considers it to be necessary to take a precise census of population in Afghanistan




How can we achieve these objectives?

· Religion and politics should be separated
· We want to reduce hate and hostility between the various population groups
· We want all Afghans to stick together and Afghanistan to become a people with one flag
· For all Afghans we want to be the party they can trust in for the future
· Our party endeavours to appear nationally and internationally as a party which advances peace
· We want to include Afghanistan in the globalisation
· Afghan entrepreneurs need us in order to be able to successfully take part in the national and international economy to   increase the wealth of our country
· Our party will support orphans, disabled, old and war-disabled persons and widows
· Our party will see to it that the people of Afghanistan who has been crying and mourning for a long time due to the war can   laugh again
· In Afghanistan we want to have tourists and no terrorists
· We won't tolerate any corruption and money laundering in our country
· We want Afghanistan to enter a better millennium
· We want to achieve our objectives in the course of the next two to three years
· Afghans, you can rely on the word and promises of this party


Munich, December 2001



Hayattullah Maiwand
1st Chairman of the FDPA


P.S. Please copy this party programme six times and forward it to friends and acquaintances